Styled by a 20-year-old and a 40-year-old: The two-way shirtdress

August 2, 2018 - shirtdresses

Hello, Autumn, my aged friend. The days are removing shorter, and it’ll shortly be time to container divided beautiful linens and slinky silk strappy dresses for warmer attire. This week’s style plea had a some-more autumnal feel to it as a shirtdress is an ideal square to palliate we into early autumn. It can be styled to fit work or weekend wear and has an inherited flexibility that feels usually right during this time of year. The common button-front dress has been reimagined to fit each woman’s character – normal straight-cut minimalist shapes are usually a starting point. Scroll next to see how we’ve styled this purple button-down shirtdress from Om Diva boutique, Dublin.

How we styled this shirtdress

Shirtdress, accessible during, leather trousers and mules during Topshop, leather belt from 9Crows

How Marie styles a shirtdress

I’m a large fan of shirtdresses, though lilac? Not so much. It’s a colour we never wear, so this plea for me was reduction about how to make a square work, and some-more about creation this really “current” shade (Pantone colour of a year) work opposite my dark skin tone. we attempted to give a colour a bit some-more abyss by picking adult on a blackberry accents in a dress. Wearing it with a span of burgundy trousers and a identical phony wipe kind of bookended this potentially doubtful shade with a strong, some-more graceful colour.

Shirtdress are a sure-fire leader for women of each age. we like to play with suit when putting together an outfit, so we interconnected this three-quarter-length shirtdress with cropped culottes, as it combined some-more seductiveness to a look. As it’s still early August, we went for a span of white ankle tag boots to finish, as white accessories supplement mutation and a cold vibe to any outfit.

Shirtdress during Om Diva, culottes during Zara, wipe during House of Fraser, boots during Seagreen.

Photography by Jake McCabe

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