Martin Grant

January 29, 2018 - shirtdresses

Martin Grant’s pierce into menswear creates so most clarity we have to consternation because he didn’t do it sooner. Early on, before relocating to Paris and rising his possess label, he designed menswear for Koji Tatsuno in London. What’s more, conform friends have been needling him about his crossover intensity for years. “It is easier for a lady to wear a man’s coupler than a other approach around,” pronounced Grant with a laugh.

Then came a twin catalyst: A year ago, a French actor Vincent Dedienne asked Grant to make him a tuxedo for a Molière Awards (which he won). Around a same time, Grant satisfied that he indispensable a coat, though . . . cobbler’s son and all that. “I thought, It has been years since we took a time to make something for myself,” a engineer recounted during a studio visit. “Like, maybe 15.”

So, he finally got around to it. The dual coats he done for himself, a sharp-shouldered peacoat and a sporty wool-and-shearling number, became a bottom for a collection that includes pointy suiting with possibly classical or a designer’s signature asymmetrical closure, plush knits, and a few stronger conform statements including a caramel cloak in jumbo corduroy and a midnight blue shearling that women will covet, too (he’s got them covered). For a fearless, there’s a maxed-out plaid fit in men’s or women’s versions.

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