Lako Bukia

May 4, 2018 - shirtdresses

It’s always engaging to see how a engineer infuses their enlightenment into their clothing. This season, Lako Bukia mave a proposal reverence to Georgia, regulating her family’s photographs for her signature prints. She lengthened images of her father from a ’70s and placed them on manly pieces like a hoodie and a bomber jacket, while black-and-white images of her mom from her propagandize days seemed on a t-shirt dress. A standout was a colorful shirt dress that showed scenes from a marriage of Bukia’s parents.

While Bukia is still good famous for her prints, she has been increasingly focused on knitwear, that is commercially successful for a label. For Fall, she incited out clingy weave shirts and flares, infrequently with a vast plat trimming down a middle. While a colorful tights felt a bit Balenciaga, a confidant lizard earrings helped to move a elementary pieces to life.

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