Juicy Couture Is Back, And The Tracksuits Are Better Than Ever

February 9, 2018 - shirtdresses

The velour tracksuits are strictly back.

That most was transparent currently when Juicy Couture, a iconic aughts code famous for a luxe relating tracksuits done famous by a likes of Paris Hilton, done a runway entrance during New York Fashion Week. After a code sealed all of a U.S. stores a few years ago and rebranded as Juicy Couture Black Label a year later, people (read: millennials) wondered what would occur to a code they once splurged on with all their saved-up babysitting money.

For what many described as a brand’s “comeback,” Juicy Couture’s Fall 2018 collection was each nostalgia lover’s and influencer’s dream. There were floor-grazing robes, leather dresses and jumpsuits, and lots and lots of glitter. The dear tracksuits were translated into a stylish outwear-inspired series with a belted blazer-jacket of that we will be forgetful until subsequent season, a polo shirtdress styled over a sequin skirt, and classics ragged underneath a sequin hooded garment and a hairy winter jacket. Juicy Couture’s adult chronicle of a tracksuit: a pantsuit, of course.

There were also a informed JC touches in a form of a leopard imitation cloak and sweaters and, of course, velour. Less approaching were a normal Asian conform influences that seemed on festooned silk cheongsam-esque shirts and patterned separates and high-collared dresses. In loyal Juicy form, a uncover sealed with an blast of pink, sequins, and tulle, solidifying a fact that while a code is some-more grown-up, it hasn’t mislaid a aptitude for carrying a good time.

While a collection was positively flashy—with sequins interconnected with velour and hairy fabrics ragged over leather—it was also, weirdly, wearable and in balance with how a late-20-somethings of Juicy Couture’s past dress now, in a age of Instagram. Juicy Couture did what each code faced with a rebrand contingency do in sequence to benefit a second wind: satisfy a clarity of nostalgia into trend-driven pieces that we wish to wear today.

Oh, and also: put out a unequivocally good millennial pinkish pantsuit.

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