How to Master French Girl Bangs, According to a Chloé Runway

March 6, 2018 - shirtdresses

This morning, rising runway star Fran Summers non-stop adult a Chloé show in a seventies-leaning, geometric print–trimmed shirtdress, her heading chin-length, piece-y incline wafting down a runway. And while Summers might be Yorkshire-bred, she was a design of French insouciance interjection to her screen of soft, rumpled bangs.

In a days heading adult to a show, hairstylist Paul Hanlon met with engineer Natacha Ramsay-Levi to establish what particular demeanour would conform best with any girl. And for a models with fringe, it was all about achieving that revealing Gallic texture: air-dried and somewhat imperfect—but with a spirit of polish. The ensuing lineup was adequate to make we crave to collect adult a shears: Model Hannah Motler’s eyelash-grazing bends punctuated her wheat-colored waves, while Grace Hartzel’s dim microfringe was somewhat mussed to slept-in effect.

For girls disposition into their healthy texture, like Radhika Nair, a underbrush of soft, silky ringlets opposite a front was a flattering job card. Paired with Parisian ingenue–esque playful flicks and rimmings of kohl ship along a H2O lines by makeup artist Pat McGrath, a stylish and basic fringed looks ordered a show. The lesson? When it comes to French lady bangs of all textures, a wispier a better.

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