Gwyneth Paltrow Channels Margot Tenenbaum in a Tennis-Ready Pink Shirtdress

November 27, 2017 - shirtdresses

If we haven’t watched Gwyneth Paltrow execute Margot Tenenbaum in The Royal Tenenbaums, what are we watchful for? The Oscar winner’s impression is a smart-alecky playwright who usually so happens to have fanciful style. She famously wears a fur cloak over a Lacoste polo dress (we gamble you’ve seen a Halloween costume) in one scene, that brings us to a point.

On Thursday, Paltrow headed to a Beverly Hills re-opening of Lacoste’s Rodeo Drive boutique dressed in a soothing pinkish Lacoste dress that showed off her beautiful gams, that she interconnected with suede peep-toe Laurence Dacade booties. Before streamer inside, Paltrow told InStyle she’s been a fan of a code given she was a kid, saying, “Lacoste was, like, my initial code that we aspired to and identified with when we was eleven years old.”


“We used to have a Lacoste shirts and would wear a collar adult and everything,” she continued, adding that her tack Lacoste pieces are her “super iconic” Margot Tenenbaum tennis dresses. “I’ve had a tie to this code given we was 10 or eleven years old. we consider it’s unequivocally cold how they’re bringing some conform to a brand.”

To flog off a party, Lacoste remade a iconic Sheats Goldstein Residence into a unequivocally possess tennis bar and asked guest to move their conform A-game with their interpretation of a dress code: “casual magnificence with a tennis twist,” that is accurately what Paltrow did. She combined that a Lacoste and Goop partnership is something she’s not against to: “I unequivocally wish to work with them and do something together.”

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As guest like Paltrow and Matt Bomer headed inside, they were greeted by waiters palming champagne, white wine, and copiousness of tiny bites, including steep confit. The stage was tennis glam, with guest swapping their boots for nominal navy leather Lacoste kicks that they took home after personification a turn of tennis on a justice in a center of a fête.

LACOSTE Rodeo Drive Boutique EMBED

The Goop mogul, who told us she was “going to find a cocktail” when she strolled inside, did usually that and chatted adult Bomer, who pronounced he’s not usually been a “huge fan” of Lacoste given childhood, though that it had an additional special definition to him. “The night we met my father he was wearing a navy blue Lacoste shirt,” he told us. “We tend to be kind of nauseating so we done him save it and not chuck it away. Something about Simon wearing that shirt a night we met told me something his impression … it all worked out.”

After a party, there was a after-party, and attendees headed down to Club James (the overwhelming residence’s onsite club) to continue a celebration. As a DJ spun hits, guest danced a night away, before streamer home with bags of Lacoste goodies.

A vital and wise kick-off for a Beverly Hills boutique indeed.

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